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Does anyone have any ideas or links for good, beyond the basics things I can teach my spoo at home?

Sometime in the last few weeks, Annie has transitioned back out of her "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! I can't hear you and you can't make me!" stage and back into being a lovely, eager to please puppy! She has even gotten some off leash privileges back. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!! She is 8 months, so I know the other stage might come back, but I am loving this, and am ready to try new things rather than just maintaining and reinforcing.

I have been heavily using the training forum here, and am really grateful for a lot of useful advice on heeling, stay, breaking tasks up into portions, and games like it's Yer choice, etc. I suspect there are more hidden gems I haven't found yet.

Annie is more or less at the "well behaved companion dog" stage. She is good enough to get lots of compliments when she is on her best behaviour, with occasional wild child moments to keep me on my toes. Any new training now is for us to have fun and keep her mind busy. She has still never been to a formal training class and neither have I.

I had signed her up for scent classes 45 min away that were supposed to start 2 weeks ago and have now been postponed a month or more and won't fit my schedule. It looks like it might be November now before I can get her in real classes :(. She is well socialized, but I really want to give her more brain work and also practice focusing with other dogs around.

She knows sit, down, hug, off, stand, come, both paws (sitting, standing and lying down), over an object, under an object, up on an object, two feet up, etc. And some other household vocabulary (go to bed, go for pee, sleepy time, wait, move, vacuum cleaner, etc, etc).

We are still working on heel, because we don't practice much (longer and longer heeling between rewards, and the sitting close by when we stop) and loose leash walking when she spots a friend she WANTS. Also calm greetings of people- she is great so long as people are calm, but if they are excited.... sigh. We are working on longer and longer stays with me out of sight, and , very hard, me walking behind her while she is at a stay. She loves hide and go seek.

So please.... I am running out of creativity! Suggestions please. I am especially interested in scent training and maybe training her to get items by name or putting things away.
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