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I think Jazz is guilty of this

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I think Jazz did it!!!!!!!!!! So much for her disinterest in toys!

An investigation has been opened concerning the brutal attack of Fishy Johnson this morning just outside of the toy basket. The attack occured in the early morning hours in the living room of the Johnson household. Fishy sustained two serious wounds from which he hemorrhaged stuffing and lost his remaining flipper. The flipper has yet to be located. The toy county medical examiner conculded that the cause of death was the removal of Fishy's squeeker. Fishy was taken to the master bedroom medical center were he underwent emergancy surgery. Mommy was unable to revive Fishy's squeeker in spite of being able to restore his stuffings. Final arrangements have yet to be made amid hopes for a new squeeker from the squeeker transplant list. Fishy's body is being stored in the closet until such time as a new squeeker becomes available. Fishy Willaims-Johnson is survived by fellow toybox roommate Reindeer Johnson and Tibetan Spaniels Howie, Wonder, and thier 6 week old son Mr. Wonderful. The couple fear for their puppy's safety with such a hearltess attacker on the loose in the household. Suspects wanted for questioning concerning the attack are one white Standard Poodle with purple highlists in her ears seen leaving the scene of the crime early this morning. Concerning the missing flipper investigators are seeking the kitty gang of Miso, black and white tuxie domestic shorthair and Sake' white domestic shorthair. Any information concerning the where abouts of the suspects or additional witnesses to the crime is welcome. Howie Johnson and family are shocked at the suddent violence towards Fishy and are keeping Reindeer close. Howie will greatly miss his best friend while he is in the closet awaiting a his new squeeker.

Actual Crime scene photos

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Ok that was funny! I couldn't quit laughing through the whole thing....good job.

What do you do for a living....journalism?
Lord no, I'm a pet stylist by day(Super Groomer away!!!), pet trainer by night. I guess if I had super spell checker I'd be ok but I'm hard pressed to pick up typo's and mistakes in something I type. I read through my blog today and was horrified at some of the spelling :banghead:
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