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We got Fluffy from a pet store overseas. As of such, I have no idea what his pedigree holds (it's all in English, but the dogs on there are not from an English-speaking country, and therefore, I have had some difficulty finding anything about it). However, there is one American dog on there--Edryn's Sidney San Gai. He's there twice. Here he is!

I'm not sure how accurate the pedigree actually is, but at least I possibly have some idea of one of his relatives now. Although the pedigree has Sidney San Gai written down as an INT. CH., while the only title I can find only is CH, so... It does have the AKC registration numbers, but I don't know how to use them. I guess the only way to know Fluffy's lineage for sure is to get a DNA test. At this point, I'm not even sure he's pure poodle, since after I shaved his ears down, I can clearly and often see one of them sticking up and flopping over like a terrier's. Still, it's fun to dream...
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