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Took Mika to the vet yesterday for a check up and rabies shot. Not satisfied.
Basically the vet told me things I already knew...for example:

"Well she has some tartar on her teeth"

Me: "Yes, I know I've been buying her rawhides to help reduce that"

"Yes, that's something you can do"


"She has a benign bump on her rump"


Me: "The previous owner said it is a mole and has been there since she
was a puppy"

"This breed you need to pull the hair out from her ears"

Me:... ( I KNOW!!!)

I walked away paying $40 for him telling me things I could see for myself, the only thing worth it was the shot, didn't even get a fecal test..what?!

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It could have been worse, you could have paid the $40 AND she could have eaten the $30!

Mika is a counter surfer (her only bad habit!) and when I say this
I don't mean just for food. She will grab the babies sock in her mouth
off a table, paper, whatever. Well last night I came in and layed $30
down on the table and began talking to hubby, a few minutes later
we hear....


Guess what? She stole my $30 and tore up the $20 into 3 diff. pieces,
the $10 however was saved. She got a spanking for that from me and
hubby, and THANK GOD the $20 was saved by some scotch tape after
all the pieces was found and not eaten or destroyed completely.

Later on that night, we had a talk with her (LOL) and forgave her with
kisses and pettings.

Crazy Story! I guess she didn't want to go to the vet seeing that's
what the money was for in the first place!

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Haha or you could have paid $3400 for a CT Scan and then $3110 for a SECOND CT scan because they weren't sure the first one was good enough, and the second one took an additional 10 seconds and now you have to pay it... Yeah, hospitals suck ;)
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