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I need some advice!

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Well...I debated about posting this to be quite honest, but I also am at a crossroads as to what to do about this problem I have and while only I can make that choice it never hurts to get feedback from other people.

Most of you know I work at a big chain store grooming salon. This is where I started as a bather and eventually learned how to groom. The past few months I have been building my portfolio with the intentions on going to a smaller independent grooming shop. They do a lot more technical grooms, very few "yearly shave downs" and they dont tolerate difficult dogs. If a dog is too much trouble to be groomed safely the dog goes home, and that's how I think it should be!

Well, it's looking like I might be able to start this job in the next few weeks!

My problem, however, is that while being at this store I have come to realize that many people treat dogs poorly in this shop. I am sure it's not like this everywhere. I have been wanting to leave because the other people I work with use the fact that I am gentle with animals against me. I refuse to hurt a dog, if it takes too much force to groom a dog I will send the dog home. It's not worth me getting bit and it's definitely not worth a dog getting injured.

One of the girls is worse then the others..she screams at dogs, handles them rough, sometimes placing them on the ground and sitting over them in order to groom them. This infuriates me and I have tried talking to the store manager only to tell me that without proof she will do or say nothing....

Well, don't tell that to someone with lots of camera toys. So, of course I caught her on tape. I have several instances of her grooming and mistreating dogs, nothing huge yet but enough to *maybe* get her fired!

My fear is that the manager still will refuse to care...as long as the salon makes money she stays out of our business. We don't even have a grooming salon manager...our manager was fired for drinking on the job oddly enough.

This salon needs A LOT of help..the management position was offered to me but I declined because well i dont want to fix all of their problems especially with a manager that seems to not take anything there seriously! That and I was already looking into my new job....

My main question is, what should I do with this tape? Do you think I should show the manager and if so should I wait until I leave?

I know this groomer is also thinking of applying at another major grooming salon in a big retail store, should I maybe show the grooming manager at that store as well?

My concern is for the animals. There are too many groomers who mistreat their clients dogs, I hear about it all the time and I am one of those people who believe that you can safely and effectively groom a dog without losing patience. I also believe that the dog picks up on your hostility and it will only make the grooming session worse the longer you persist.

I'm just not sure what to do! I don't even know if I have enough recorded to actually do anything. If I can't get my store manager to care the only other option would be to go to corporate... and I will if I have to, but i'm just wanting to know if im doing the right thing.

I will NEVER leave my dogs with a stranger to groom after working at this place... not without a nice folder full of references!
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It's just like anything else. There are good people who will put their soul into their work to make certain it is good enough. Then there are those that couldn't care about anything or anyone likely because no one cared for them. Their lack of trust breeds a mentality that they will hurt before they get hurt.

There are some wonderful ideas about finding a good groomer in previous threads. Another thing I would ask is if the shop uses a kennel dryer. I understand that if used properly, it's just fine. I just feel like it's too easy to forget.


With a good groomer, your little one will be well taken care of.
I emailed the video to corporate using an anon. email. They said it would take about 10-14 days to investigate.

The store manager called me into the office this morning and asked what my opinion was on how this groomer treats animals. I told her my opinion, nothing far fetched just that she tugs on dogs is rough, yells at them with me in the room and that while i have seen her drag a dog to the back and sit on them while grooming i've never seen her physically slap a dog but if she's willing to do what is on that video in front of ME i have no doubt that without me around or when she's grooming by herself she does hit dogs, she hits her own dogs constantly and I don't want to get into a spank issue with dogs but even with hers its never called for when a simple "No" will work.

She will either lose her job or go on probation for a week basically being forced to take a week off without any pay and management is going to be watching her VERY closely.
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Yea! Good for you Aiden. I know it was hard trying to figure out the best way to handle it. I know it won't be easy. Hang in there. Hopefully, they will see her cruelty and do the right thing.
Yay! I'm so glad. Good for you!

You scare me about leaving my dog with anyone now. Someone recommended to me the doggie daycare at a Petco (or Petsmart?) that has Pet Hotels.

I hope there are more people like you watching out for the pups!
I am so glad that you took action and that they are taking the situation seriously. Congratulations for not turning your back and pretending nothing was wrong. It takes a great deal of courage to do what you did.
You may be the only person that can help these poor little ones. I would report it to the managers and whoever it takes. That groomer has no business working with animals.

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Well the manager assumes I went to corporate and is angry with me instead of the groomer so i'm out of there. I have some dogs that request me specifically to groom their dog this coming week so i'm going to stay until Thursday to do my dogs and i am telling all of my customers where I'm going most of them even have my cell number.

I start my new job at an independent salon on Sept. 8th!! I am SO excited.
Aidan, Good for you, for doing what was in the best interest of those fur friends that couldn't tell on that bad lady that was being mean to them. Congratulations on your new upcoming job at the independent salon. I bet you will be a lot happier there.
My breeder warned me about this, she said you should always supervise your dog being groomed or atleast pop up at random times in the session, and even if your not allowed in there barge in there and take your dog away teh second you see them abuse your dog. not to meantion if your dog is hurt and you come and save him, he will realise your gonna protect him from mean ol groomers. My uncle I remember.. some guy at a petco grooming salon smacked his Spoo Cassy. Well... lets just say you don't do that infront of a football coach. he basically pinned the kid down and when the kid tried to get up he smacked him hard across the face and told him thats exactly what he was doing to cassy. I think he got the point across.

But ultimatly I think its best to either go to petsmart and get a groomer to come to your house and do it [provided you buy some of the equipment and if they offer that around you] or learn to do it yourself. When I get my pup this summer I'm going to try to learn to do the pet cut and if i want something else Ill go to the groomers and watch them closely.
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Unfortunately bad things happen at Petsmart as well, I was a bather for the company for awhile and left for the same reason.

Not only did they hurt dogs but they would constantly leave dogs unattended on grooming tables, took forever to get dogs in and out, etc... the company is a joke but petco isn't looking much better.

I know a great groomer who lives in IL but im not sure where you are at in IL

Also showing up randomly can be a good way to keep an eye on your dog but if your dog sees you it can make the grooming session go horribly. If an owner shows up inside the salon while I have their dog on the table I hand them the dog as he or she is and I do not finish the groom. It's not fair for the dog to see their owner and think they get to go home and then see the owner leave again..so I don't do that to a dog if owner comes into the salon where the dog can see them the dog goes home half done. I always ask people to call or to come through the main store and watch through the glass far enough away where they dont disturn their dog because it's almost impossible to gain the dogs attention again and a wiggily dog can be difficult to safely groom.
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She was fired today. I went into Petco to let the manager know it was my last day and was told to just go home.

So I went home and still nothing had been done so I uploaded the video to youtube and then posted it on craigslist-shreveport for the world to see.

People have been apparently calling up there all day long! She was called into the managers office and came back into the salon crying and packing her stuff up.

A good friend of mine still works there and called to let me know. I went ahead and called my new job and they let me come in and start today! So yay, it's so much better at this new place!
well done on getting this lady sacked i found the video on you tube she is a nasty woman that poor sch shakeing i understand how frustrating the job is but there is no need to carry on like that its better to say nothing at all to dogs when there in that state other than a quick no will do why the hell she didnt get off her lazy fat ass and move her self rather than pulling them around
I too watched the video and it is despicable.
What I don't understand...couldn't people from the store see her behind the glass?
She seems like she doesn't even like dogs...wouldn't that be a prerequisite for a grooming job?
Anyway,you have absolutely done the right thing.
:congrats: You've helped a lot of dogs. Your former workplace seems more concerned about appearance than the welfare of the dogs. Even if they had fired her anyway, she probably would've been given a good reference. It really irks me that so many places will fire someone for a serious offense and then lie to their prospective employers. I think the manger should be fired too!
Good Job Aiden! I'm thrilled she has been exposed and (hopefully) they will be forced to make some changes for the better.

Congratulations on your move to the new shop. You will do great!
That is just so scary...it makes a person never want to change groomers when you find a good one-I have taken one to Petsmart a time or two and was not really pleased with the cut-but there you can see what is happening because there is a big glass to look at them while they're grooming-but I will stick with mine now. She would not allow that to go on in her shop.
I can't find the video.. What are you guys searching? Lol, I want to see how bad she is.
I'll send you a personal link to it, i removed the video from craigslist and youtube now that it has served its purpose.

The sad part was the bad stuff I never could catch on video, sitting on dogs to shave their face, dragging them into the back and having to rebathe dogs because she would do somethign that made the dog poop and pee everywhere, it became pretty awful to even be around her.
I was looking for the video too...I guess that's why I couldn't find it.

Good for you-standing up for what's right! If more people did that the world would be a much better place!
The sad part was the bad stuff I never could catch on video, sitting on dogs to shave their face, dragging them into the back and having to rebathe dogs because she would do somethign that made the dog poop and pee everywhere, it became pretty awful to even be around her.
Ugh, that's horrific! Way to go Aidan, it took some nerve exposing her like that! Too many people stand idly by while stuff like this happens. And unfortunately sometimes you have to bring issues like this to the public eye before the people in charge will act.
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