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Aidan, you sound like a wonderful person and a great groomer. To me it sounds like this place isn't for you.

As for the tape....Yeah, I would show it to the manager, and if he didn't do anything about it, I would show it to the Higher Ups. As for the girl, she deserves to lose her job. I would be royally pissed if I found out she was treating my dog like that while she was grooming. You manager needs to understand that when a groomer looks bad, the business looks bad. And it will hurt his business if she continues to behave this way. Give it to him that way, if he worries more about the money. As for the dog owner goes, one bad time at the groomers is probably the last time at that groomers. Don't let you self be apart of that shop if she starts pissing off customers. Good luck, its a tough decision. Do what you think is right!:decision:
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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