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This just takes the cake!

I didn't get to spend much time with Tate (or any other dog) yesterday. I woke up late for work and was just out of the house. I fed my babies dinner, and left as well. Needless to say, T felt neglected today, I think. I came home, and he hadn't even touched his dinner. Unlike him now that he is on a food he likes. (New post for that saga.)

After coaxing him out of his crate and loving on him in the floor for a good 15 minutes, he hops off of my lap and scarfs down his food. He came back out of his crate for one last snuggle, and I said good night and he went right back in and laid down. Boy do I feel guilty!

It's kinda cute how much this kid loves me. (But only when he isn't barking his head off at me because he wants my attention... Or peeing on my shoes.)

Poodles are awesome. Fact!
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