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I just need a little more help with a name

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I would like to name her after a champagne becaues she was born on new years. Dose anyone know champagne names that sound girlie. Please put how to pronounce it to. Here are more pics of her(the cream puppy) and my labradoodle Lilha. Who ever said black dogs could not have some color to lol. I dyed her ears hot pink.


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I posted this on the other thread but I thought Cliquot would be cute. It's pronounced Klee-co and is taken from the champagne Veuve Cliquot
I google some (I don't think I've ever had wine LOL) and came up with this Wine: Names of Wines, chateauneuf du pape, nero d avola No idea how to pronounce any of them, or if they are red or white.
Not actually a champagne, but there is a sparkling wine called Luna di Luna. I think Luna would be a great name for your puppy.
Maybe rose, for rose champagne or chianti ( like kianti). Chianti is a winery outside if florence italy.....
Good luck choosing!
Hi does your labrodoodle have eyes? I can't see them.
I groomed a standard poodle named Sheraze. It is a nice name, Iam not sure if I spelled it right.
What kind of color did you use for your labrodoodle?
How about:

Cristal (pronounced kree-STAHL)
Etienne (from Etienne Dumont, pronounced Eh-tee-n)
Piper (from Piper Heidsieck)
:)Yes my ladradoodle has eyes lol. She needs a hair cut I just have not had the time to do it. I beached her ears then I used manic panic hot hot pink. Thanks for all the help naming my new puppy every one is so friendly here on this form. I will let every one know what i name her. :)
I posted this on the other thread but I thought Cliquot would be cute. It's pronounced Klee-co and is taken from the champagne Veuve Cliquot
Clicquot would be a great name... oh and it has and extra ''c" in it too :)
I agree with Clicquot! it has a good sound when calling. or there is Kristel, or Bollinger, or Moet but Clicquot is probably the most feminine along with Kristel. good luck, I went for a white goddess with my Hestia, and she has turned out to be a real Princess!
'Shiraz' is a popular name for cats here for some reason, but I do love the name... lol
Shiraz is a cool name, but it's a Red Wine... great for a Red poodle maybe? :)
Here are some more champagne names...
Alfred Gratien, Billecart-Salmon, Bollinger, Charles Heidsieck,De Venoge, Henriot, Gosset, Jacquesson, Ruinart, Salon, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot.Krug, Lanson, Laurent-Perrier, Moet et Chadon, Pol Roger, Pommery

Pommery is kinda cute for a female.. Clicquot is really cool too, I just usually steer away from names that you always have to tell people how to pronounce or spell!

What about the name, Journey, I've always loved that for a female dog name... not a champagne I know but pretty, and has the eee sound...

I was also thinking about White Wine names instead of champagne, they're more recognizable to people ... I LOVE Pinot for a name (pronounced Pee-no), I would just spell it Pino and eliminate people pronouncing the t... I think it's adorable!
Riesling would work too... Sauvignon Blanc, call her Savvy for short?

Anyway, just throwing some ideas your way...I love naming puppies!!
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I like Etienne! BTW.... I agree. Keep that Doodle's vision clear. Impaired vision can lead to temperament issues.
OMG your baby is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE their pink ears!

I really like the name Chardonnay (Shar-dun-nay) since it is a white (off-white) wine.
Good luck in your search!
Hey Paula rene,
Have you named that poor baby yet? lol (just teasing! ... but curious to know what name you ended up going with)
I had a white horse whose registered name was Chardonnay ( a white wine)!!
here's one last thought: Monet (pronounced: mo-nay). it is a french champagne.
Thanks so much for all the name help. I have named her Latte after the drink I just wanted a name I have never heard before. I also think its girlie. I gave my labradoodle a hair cut last night LOL poor girl She has eyes now.
Latte is cute, I love me some Latte's!! YUM!

I keep coming back to this thread to look at the pics. I LOVE the hot pink ears. I have to ask...what kind of bleach did you use? I would love to dye my Stella's ears.:love:
I use L'oeal Quick Blue it is a powder bleach and a developer, I prefer Crème 40 So it dose not run. I bleached her hair two times then I dyed her two times to get that hot deep pink color. :bounce:
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