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I have a question for the groomers................

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Why is it(besides obvious reasons) that almost every groomer I have talked to either wants a Standard poodle or has one? Is it because you can do so much with their hair? :questionmark:
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I'm like wonderpup, the only person in my salon or in any of the local salons i know of who actually wants a full coated dog. there's one girl I work with who has two spoos and a mini and she keeps them all shaved. I mostly fell in love with their personalities first and the hair was a bonus. and what better dog to practice on then your own.
It's a lot like working for a gaming store and having tons of video games at home. or like working for a record label and having your own band. You love what you do as a job so poodles fit perfectly into that.

Also, every bad dog that has come in lately has made me want my own spoo more and more. Grooming a well behaved sweet dog with a great coat isn't work at all, it's really relaxing.
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