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I have a question for the groomers................

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Why is it(besides obvious reasons) that almost every groomer I have talked to either wants a Standard poodle or has one? Is it because you can do so much with their hair? :questionmark:
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I think it does have a lot to do with being able to do a lot with the breed in general. I mean when first learning to groom dogs and only having a German Shepherd to play around with I was pretty limited.

To be honest when I first started working as a bather oh I dreaded the days that standards would come in! As I started working on them more and more and fluffing out their coat I became quite attached to the breed and the personality as well. Every Standard that came in was an absolute sweetheart. Yes they were time consuming but what better dog to spend that time with.

I also am the type of person that unless im able to DO it I will not learn it. I can't sit and read a book and just absorb all the knowledge through reading or anything so I wanted a dog I could learn on and if the poor thing ended up with a bad haircut well it's my own dog and i have no shame! So that's when I got Vega!

Also as many of you know one Standard just isn't enough so I brought home Dodger as well and couldn't be happier. I think Pandora the German Shepherd is feeling not so much like a princess anymore (although she's still a spoiled brat and she knows it!)

My boyfriend had said no to a poodle for quite some time but I finally introduced him to many of the dogs that come into the shop showing him that they are good dogs. He had met three Standards in his lifetime and all three tried to bite him, lol!

He loves his Vega though!

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