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I have a question for the groomers................

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Why is it(besides obvious reasons) that almost every groomer I have talked to either wants a Standard poodle or has one? Is it because you can do so much with their hair? :questionmark:
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LoL, YOU know what that isnt the case here in my area. I believe that I am one of two groomers here that has a poodle at all. I was stronlgly strongly advised again getting one by more than one groomer actualy. They said they would never ever have a poodle or any other breed with a coat like it. They said that I wouldn't want to groom it and it would end up 10 stripped all over all the time..

I groom the girls every week just about and yeah sometimes I don't feel like it but sometimes I don't feel like doing the dishes either.

I fell in love with the poodles because of all the fun things you can do with the hair. I fell in love with the spoo because it had a big bark and I am alone a lot at night. It sounds like some vicious beast on the other side of the door if you knock in the evening when I am home.... you don't know it's a poodle lol. As a trainer I knew there was no more intelligent breed and since I like something different it was a change from all the godlens and boarder collies lol. Really the perfect dog for me.

I will admit too to using the poodles for marketing. I always take busniness cards to the dog park or puppy classes or anywhere else I may have the poodles with me. People always ask where I get them groomed and I am prepared :) I've gotten several new clients that way.

Haha... I could go on and on about why I got a spoo rofl.. but I'm sure all the poodle lovers here don't need me to :p They already know!
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