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The pictures you got are great! He is a VERY VERY pretty boy and I LOVE the tail!! I am hoping my poodle will have a full tail!

The D40 is a great camera - I have the D300 (I had the D40 prior to the D300) and am totally in LOVE with it (heck, I even have it's birthday on my calendar! LOL).

Besides the panning and continuous shooting, you can try putting your camera in "shutter priority" and set your shutter speed at 1/1200 of a second (and adjust your ISO and aperture accordingly). This is what I use when I am shooting agility trials. You want to "stop" that action and a higher shutter speed will help. The 18-55 is a decent kit lens - the 50/1.8 is better (sharper) IMHO, but in either case, just remember - when you increase that aperture, you are decreasing your depth of field and less of your subject will be in focus. Personally, I try to stay around f4 for action shots. Hope this helps a bit!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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