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I am saving up for a better camera. I LOVED my HP digital one, small, easy, FANTASTIC shots. I did great at everything but was pretty much idiot proof (which is a requirement for me lol). Somebody broke it at my wedding though, when I tried to take a couple of funny shots of hubby after we got up to our room (nooo none of "those" kind!!), it wouldn't focus at all, and hasn't focused sense. This past October I set out to buy a new camera only to find that HP no longer makes cameras at all. :( I bought a finepix Z by fugi film... not happy it with it really. So here I sit soaking up everything that gets said about photography hoping to learn what camera I should invest in next...

I love Vega's tail by the way. The way the hair on it trails behind him when he runs, love it.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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