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I am new here

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My name is windie and have 2 blue stadards live in iowa....Hope to get to know some of you all

My pooddles names are Brooke and Lizzy:curl-lip:
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More info

Brooke and lizzy are 3 ...Birthday June 2
Littermates gotten at sperate times
I was on her list for 2 years afrter loosing my AM Eskimo wanted a willing to plese owner dog with no shedding
Lizzy was going to be shown and the breeder decided to place her with me when she was 1. Decided not to show as a result of a shoulder injury as a pup....Confirmationly basicly perfect and aswome movement....Just did not have that snap of a show dog......I disagree ... she is neat and plays the dumb blonde

6 months later a couple divorced returned Brooke ...The breeder wanted me to have her...Wow what a mistake on these previous owners part..Brooke is one of the neatest dogs ever
This is the story of how I got them

My other 2 dogs are dobermans
Year old GInna .....Very affectionate strong personality doberman.you have to lover her intelligence and super personality

10 year old champion named Mia....what aheart ofgold and easy dog not to mention the most perfect head and beaufiful movement in her prime

More pics later
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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