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This made quite the commotion on my forum, so I thought I would
post it here as well. :banghead:

I chose to post this in "Poodle Talk," so more people would see it,
and also poodles are involved with this sick wench as well.

I was on yahoo answers (one of my favorite ways to pass time)
and came across this guy's question concerning if a lady that
lived near to her was a BYB or operating a small puppy mill.
The guy who posed the question is wonderful for reporting
her and getting others involved to report her also, however he
is having no luck it seems with Animal Control.

Read for yourself:

What gets me is the sick woman that produces all these poor animals
considers herself not a breeder. WTF?!

Here is the sick breeders dogs she is selling on hoobly, look
at all those ADS!


Some sick pictures she proudly displayed:

Poor cat that just had a litter of kittens in a dirty ass cage.
Where is the blanket or towel?! Is that friggin' dirt I see inside
the kennel?! Ewww, look at that filthy carpet, these people
can't even keep their house clean!

All these dogs have to lay on outside is a dirty ass blanket in
the dirt.

I hope animal control takes all her animals and throws her ass behind

Do NOT support these horrible people, one way you can avoid them is
by not purchasing a dog from a pet store because 99% of the time they
come from puppy mills. Puppy Millers are people who "usually" keep two
breeding pairs of dogs in what resembles a "rabbit cage" their entire life,
breeding a poor bitch over and over and over again to pump out puppies
from her to sell. They are only in it for the money and what's worse is
the breeder dogs and their puppies have never seen a vet before and
normally has never had their shots. Dogs that has been rescued from
puppy mills are normally saturated in their own urine and feces.

We need to put a stop to these people. It breaks my heart
and I am in tears. :(

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Update: The guy on yahoo answers contacted the news station, and they
are meeting with him tomorrow, and also animal control is meeting with them
to see what they can do! Animal control is going to visit her before the
news reporters meet with them, so hopefully they will have good luck on
this. :)

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:shocked:I cannot believe what conditions she let that poor kitten give birth in!! These people make me sooooo:mad2:!! Good for that guy to take a stand!! All of the pics just goes to show what kind of person she is!! I dont know what is worse, the fact that these are pics she is sharing with potential buyers or the fact that these poor animals have to live like that(well I know what is worse, but you get my drift)!

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Its very sad but that is happening more and more through the US. Unless people quite buying pets from these puppymills and pet stores it will continue on. I was very happy to see that "the pet barn" a pet store here in my town closed recently. They sold puppies there and tried to act like they bought there puppies from great breeder's. Sorry, but know good breeder would sell a puppy to a pet store. NONE! There a few more "pet barns" in the surrounding cities near my house but I refuse to by ANYTHING from them weither they carry puppies or not.

Me not purchasing from these stores may not shut down a puppymill/or store but it's less profit for the pet store/Pupmill and eventually if everyone stops then they will as well.

The cat having her babies in a cage like that is just aweful. Hopefully justice will be served soon.

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I know!! We have a few here where i live and I cant even stomach the thought! A PetLand just opened here as well, and ignorant people think jsut because they are clean and have the big name that they are legit. It is so so sad!!

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They are not nearly as bad as I have seen. The dogs coats don't look matted and so on.

I see a few things wrong, but this is no where near the condition of puppy mills I have seen in my time.

I hope someone helps, but they may not, believe me when I say this is mild to what I have seen in my life.
Trust me, I've seen worse also, but I just wanted to bring
this particular woman I ran across to everyone's attention who is
selling her dogs and puppies online, this dumb ass even displayed
the above pictures proudly on hoobly, I pity the fool that would want
to buy an animal from her after seeing these pictures!

I just wanted to bring this to everyones attention if they
know someone like this (report them!) or are in Wisconsin...watch out!
We need to bring these s*** bags to justice!

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Looks like she could be a hoarder too. Dogs, cats, horse, goats who knows what else she has on that property which isn't looked after. I am in a small country town and get some very weird looks when I start trying to explain why not to buy from BYB's or pet shops. People here think they're getting something special if they pay money for it at a pet shop :eek:
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