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Im a new forum member here and I have a male Standard Poodle I love. However I think my husband is imbarassed of him. Originally I got Eli for my husband. He knew I was surprising him with one but a few months later my hubby labeled Eli as my dog and its been that way ever since. We are the type of family who like's to label dogs as our own. Just because of the bonds we get and so forth. My husband really does like Eli and will admit he is the best dog we ever owned but he will not walk him.

I personally think it's pathetic and it really irritates me but how is everyone else's husband/mates about the poodles ??
Being embarrassed is out of ignorance of the breed, perhaps you could show your husbandthe link in www.poodlehistory.org there is a whole list of what poodles have done over time, pick army dogs then at the bottom is a link for poodles in ww11 shows american soldiers/sailors with poodles and they were proud to have them a real eye opener.
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