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Huffish dog in bit role

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After hearing about the Huffish Kennels in Sweden, I went to their site and was amazed. I also think maybe one of them found it's way into the Swedish horror flick "Let the Right One In": Don't worry, it doesn't get hurt and it's in the first 10 minutes of the movie if you aren't a horror freak like myself. It's a gorgeous white Standard in a semi-Continental cut. Check it out!
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Does the dog have a name?

He has the elegance and bearing of the old Puttencove, Blakeen or Piperscroft dogs. But it seems he has his tail docked longer than usual
or maybe not at all, I can't quite remember .... Someone who isn't upload-illiterate should make that sequence ( all 20 seconds of it) availiable for those Forum folk who are too horror-squeamish to watch "Let the Right One In".

Glad someone else finally replied to this.

BRING BACK THE ENGLISH SADDLE CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so tired of looking at bare-ass Continental Clones.

Bye for now, Blakeenfan!
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