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Howdy..intro and car question

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Hi all,

I am in Montana with 3 poodles. 2 Standards and a Toy. I travel a lot competing in Dog agility trial. My brother also has a standard and we travel together. 3 standards and a toy in my Subaru Outback. A bit crowded, especially for my big boy. Just wondering what vehicles other poodle owners use.

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Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you have a nice big poodle family! Could I venture to ask for some pictures? I love pictures!

As for me...well I don't have a spoo YET, but when I do I'll be driving him around in a white Smart Car lol!
Welcome! Sounds like you're travelling around with quite the poodle group.

We don't have a poodle yet, but my mom competes in agility as well. She bought a Toyota Rav 4 specifically because it could fit 2 wire crates for Portuguese Water Dogs in the back.

The other one we heard raves about was the Honda Element. You can hose it down inside. We just didn't find the actual car that comfortable. Then of course there's always a mini van, which is what my mom had for years before the Rav.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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