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You will never have a perfect dog though. So if your dog has a slightly longer back but everything else is very nice..then take that. Bigest things with poodles that will tell you right away if you have a show potential is; tail set, movement, and feet. You can't hide or camouflage those things. Also an 8 weeks beautiful puppy can still fall apart later. Yes, they say what it looks like at 6 or 8 wks is what it should mature to conformation wise but that doesn't always happen. Ive seen many dogs fall apart right at that 10-11 month age that looked great at 6-8 wks.

I have a stacked pic of my boy Mikey that I intend to show soon. Im not thrilled about his head but everything else is good so far. He is almost 11 months. Try to take a few side stacked, front, and rear stacked pics of your baby. Here is a stacked pick of my boy below... he's not perfect but he has nice qualities I like in a Poodle.

I think hes beautiful :D
I will try take pics tomorrow :D
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