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Saw this and had a read.... How to Take the Lead in Dog Walking

Most of which one concurs with happily.
I for one never stop chatting with Poppy when we are walking together.
Yes she gets some time to do her own thing when off the lead in a park, which is when she might well chase down a squirrel, but you do see many owners 'on the phone' whilst their dogs do their own thing half a mile away. ( I reckon this is to avoid poo picking - what the eye don't see.... ).
When walking somewhere relatively new and Poppy is off lead she never takes the lead, 'on point'.
Familiar places she will.
She also asks to go on the lead sometimes when she is unsure of herself.
On the lead she usually is slightly ahead, but not pulling on the lead, unless something really gets her excited or interested.
Always let her sniff the pee mails, so important in the doggy world. And actually interesting watching her do this, the varying degrees of interest and wether the pee mail deserves a reply.
And sometimes when there is a choice of directions to take on a walk, maybe 1 time in 10 we let her choose.
Got to make the walk a shared thing, really do.
Playing at home, training at home, cuddles at home, snuggling at home all are very nice, but the walk - the thing , let us be honest here sometimes a bit of a 'task' or inconvieneance ( but nearly always absolutely fine once you step out the door ), is and should be as if not more engaging than all those home activities - me thinks.
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