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How to stop shredding puppy pads?

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Does anyone use pads for their pup?

Tsuki (my 13month mill toy) is now in a big crate (36 inch long) with a bed, and a puppy pad in a frame. I don't think she'll ever stop messing in her crate, so I just want her to be as comfortable as possible ie. not having to be in the mess she makes (she only pees).

I came home today (first time using it) and she's shredded the pad. I've seen washable ones but I don't have a washer/dryer at home so that's kinda out (unless they can be rinsed and reused.)

Any ideas???????/
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Put a grate on top of the puppy pad. Grates can be ordered in different sizes from petedge.com
I have used them on my smaller dogs only during potty training. They always tore them up or chewed and ate them - NOT GOOD. I eliminated that by training while home. Not that your not but thats what I did. Also at night if they can hold themeselves they can usually hold themselves during the day for 8 hours or so. I have a 6 and 10lb and both hold it. I am assuming by your question potty training outside is not an option? Maybe work etc...

The shredding wont stop for a while if at all:eek:hwell:-- lay newspaper its cheaper and you can just throw it away. A toy dog in a crate that large will not change that habit and I hate to say it that crated dogs if allowed to pee & poo in their crates will get used to it and it wont bother them to go in it, you know. Do you have the crate sectioned off some? They usually come with dividers, maybe to make the potty space big enough to get in and out?? Tough one, sorry maybe this will help a little:)
Put a grate on top of the puppy pad. Grates can be ordered in different sizes from petedge.com
So that the floor is suspended?

And she is housebroken outside. Asks to go outside, holds it during the night and when I am home. I have tried making the crate smaller, and that did nothing other than stress her out more (she paces when crated), she doesn't care if she's stepping/laying in it.
What if the crate was so small she could only stand or curl up in it? Would she still potty in the crate?

When I have puppies, I use a grate over puppy pads in one corner of my whelping box. From the moment the puppies can crawl, they will eliminate when they move onto the grate and feel a change in footing. This must be an instinctual response from a time when their ancestors lived in dens.

The grate is only slightly elevated but it allows the urine and feces to drop through so that it is kept away from the puppies. This keeps the puppies cleaner (they are not walking in poop and pee) and it teaches the puppies to have "clean" habits from the beginning. The grate also secures the puppy pads or newspaper so that the puppies don't tear it up.
I have never heard of grates. They sound like a really good thing to help with training. Where do you buy these?
Wouldnt it hurt her feet though?

Spoospirit you can buy them most any places that sell crates.
The grates sounds like a great option. When Coco went in his we put the divider in the crate at night and when we left and only allowed enough room to turn around, lay and sit. He didn't like it but he learned....... literly with in a week. Maybe you can try this it sounds like you have great progress with the rest ie: sleeping etc........good luck and if you use the grate update us. Wonder if its something you could make even?
We having tried making her crate tiny, but that didn't work either.
Wouldnt it hurt her feet though?

It won't hurt her feet because it is in just a small part of the crate and she is only on it when she is going to the bathroom.
Would you post a link to or show a picture of the kind of grate you're talking about cbrand? I can't quite picture what you mean. When I search "grate" at petedge I'm just seeing grates for the floor of a crate and I don't think that's what you mean. Thanks.
No those are the ones. They are like this:


I have mine slightly elevated on notched 2x1s (?) suspended over puppy pads with newspaper on top.

When the puppies are very little, the poop actually falls through the grate. When they are older, the poop stays on top, but the puppies get on a regular schedule very quickly so it is easy to pick up right away if you time it correctly. Pretty much they poop when they first wake up in the morning (this is the hard one to catch because they wake up very early) and then they poop after every feeding. Of course the urine always falls through the grate and this keeps everyone and everything much cleaner.

I guess the only downside to the grate is that is need to be cleaned every day. However, I whelp puppies in my family room so I completely clean the entire whelping box every day anyway.

I do want to be clear that this system is for puppies 0-8 weeks. After eight weeks, I transition to true house training. I don't think anyone should use grates/puppy pads for a Poodle older than 8 weeks unless they have extenuating circumstances like the OP.
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Ok, I get it now. Thanks. I'm not breeding anymore but I'm still always interested in how other people do it. I used to train mine to a litter box. Worked great with some of them, and ok with others.
That is just fantastic find Cbrand !!!!!

Now that I think of, that is similar concept I used to train my first spoo baby ! We had a doormat that was "grilled" and we put bunch of newspapers underneath and he used that place outside for a couple of weeks until he was ready for longer walks out : ) ! He was house-trained in NO time : ))! By 10 weeks he would go and sit by the door to let us know he needs to pee : )) and by 12 he did it "on a command" LOL
I tried spraying around the edges of the pads with bitter apple spray. It worked until he figured out how to grab the pad by the paper in the center. :doh:

I was definitely losing that battle, so I just became more diligent about the housetraining. He has a doggie litter box, but he prefers to go outside and only uses the box for emergencies. When I put fresh pellets in the tray, he likes to eat them. I have no idea why.
It won't hurt her feet because it is in just a small part of the crate and she is only on it when she is going to the bathroom.
Me and the rest of my household, love your brain LOL. I had thought about using a grate back awhile ago, but the whole "she'd be standing on it all day" put me off, and my brain never connected that with the bed she has a choice to get off the grate (if it was hurting her feet or whatnot). Doy me!

Thank you cbrand!!!
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