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How to potty/pee train puppy in 4B house

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i just got a toy poodle just 5 days back and we are trying to poty/pee train her. We have place pads in corners of each room so that she can go there when we are on office calls. Our challenge is she is getting confused with the placement of it in every room. How do we better coach her?
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Lots of good advice here, and I love RoseNpoos pictures of x pen setups (visual learner alert!).

My only comment (for us all) is an observation about generally every first time puppy owner ever: a lack of understanding that the puppy can't just run about the home unsupervised for many months and possibly for the whole entire first year of life- or longer for some rapscallions. That it is not loving kindness to allow an untrained dog full run of your home.

It is loving and kind and good animal husbandry to train your dog using tools such as tethering, confinement, one-on-one attention- in addition to what is more traditionally thought of as dog training. Hopefully by year one or three the dog has matured and been trained into the adult dog of your dreams. Crates, x pens, leashes are not instruments of torture unless misused. Correctly used they provide structure and support training, leading to success.

Zoeydec, welcome to puppyhood! You are on a delightful learning path, and not unusual at all in not knowing some of the puppy management things. Here you are asking questions, and getting good answers. Well done! May you have many happy years with your poodle.
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