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How to potty/pee train puppy in 4B house

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i just got a toy poodle just 5 days back and we are trying to poty/pee train her. We have place pads in corners of each room so that she can go there when we are on office calls. Our challenge is she is getting confused with the placement of it in every room. How do we better coach her?
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She is a baby, so far too young to be reliably house broken and since she is a toy it will take longer because she has a tiny bladder that only can hold so long.
I have had 6 toys and one mini poodle, three I got as adults and four I got as puppies, six females and one Male and have trained all to use pee pads and potty outside.
My pups never were allowed to have full freedom of the house unless I could fully watch them, I have used a combination a crating at night and a xpen during the days with only one room with their pee pads in.
I have used a variety of techniques because each dog is different. My last puppy was a 18 week old boy, I bought a special pee pad hold with a wall so he could hike his leg on it, I had to eventually tether him to me and escort him to the pee pad on a regular basis But he eventually caught on.
I will point out that it will take way longer than it will take a larger breed pup. Patience , consistency is key
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