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How to potty/pee train puppy in 4B house

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i just got a toy poodle just 5 days back and we are trying to poty/pee train her. We have place pads in corners of each room so that she can go there when we are on office calls. Our challenge is she is getting confused with the placement of it in every room. How do we better coach her?
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My toy poodles are strictly indoor pets and have always only used potty pads. If you live in an small apartment, only one is needed, ideally in the bathroom or a corner in the kitchen. They often catch on even at 9 and 10 weeks of age, but poodles differ. My female learned on the first day at 9 weeks, my male didn't have it down pat until 3 months old.

It's easier to clean these type of floors and remove any scent in case your puppy hits the edge of the pad and there is some spillage on the floor. If you live in a house, a pad in the basement and one in the top floor bathroom will be sufficient.

Be sure to keep your bedroom doors closed or doors to any other rooms where you don't want accidents during the day or when puppy has free range of your home. This is so she won't sneak in there and use your carpet. Keep blankets and towels off your floors so these won't be confused and think it's a potty pad.
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