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How to manage in the forum

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Struggling to automatically get responses made to a post I made.....how to do that?

Trying to find, how do you reply to a post that replied to you?

I bet there is a place that lists topics for beginner on how to manage in the Forum and I just not recognizing it!

I figured a button on each post that you could use to reply, but have not found that. Maybe I had signed out after a couple of hours and not know it.

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It depends a bit on whether you are using the regular web version on a computer or other device or whether you are using the tapatalk app on a phone or tablet. I don't use the app, but on the full view web version you will see a button that says post reply at the top and bottom of each page of a thread.

Also from the full web view if you click on UserCP along the top menu bar you will find a section that says "subscribed threads" and in that section a link for "list subscriptions." When you click on list subscriptions you will be able to select frequency options for notifications of new posts in threads you are subscribed to.

If you want to stay logged and walk away without your inactivity logging you out then check remember me when you log in.
Plus to add pictures go to the Post Reply at the top of the thread. Look for the paperclip icon, then you will be lead to the Browse function. You can click on that, choose your pictures and download to the forum. Not sure why you are not seeing - As for replies you shouldn't have to do anything different - Just click on your thread. If that is not working for you, you may want the Technical folks take a look at your problem.
Text Yellow Font Line Icon

If you get any of these icons on a thread you want to reply to, you can use them.

from the left you have [edit] (only for your posts though),
, [multi-quote], [quick reply] and [thanks]

if you want to post a reply, select the QR icon, also known as the Quick Reply.

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It's not Facebook.
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