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Hello all!!! Been a while since I’ve posted. Lots of changes!!
Currently I’m in Athens, Greece. So beautiful!! Been here for 5 days and have 1 full day left. All I can say is my heart wants to be with my sweet Norman... Never thought I would miss my pup as much as I do!! I think a lot of it has to do with him acting out since I left and me being worried. My father and sister are watching him (which he loves them and they are doing so great) but he’s been a teenage mess with me gone. I’m talking eating couches and hair brushes.... full temper tantrum!!! And on top of this, it appears no one wants to brush him while I’m gone since he likes to wrestle beforehand lol. So I’m very apprehensive to see the matting I’ll have to deal with when I get back.
Besides this... I miss him!!! Thinking of him every night since I no longer have 60lbs of fur crushing my body. LOL!
I tried to leave as much frozen Kong treats to distract him while I am away. But I guess he’s not happy about me being gone either.

How do you train your pup to relax when you’re away? He was fine the first day but once he realized I wasn’t home the next day.. things changed. I can’t do a thing when I’m not there!! My family is doing the best they can (exercising him as well) but he seems to be a bit anxious?? Let’s face it... no one can replace a dogs “person” that easily.

also... I’m trying to train myself to not think of him while on vacation!! Haha

I attached two photos of him from December. He is such a goober!!! Also this is him after my first face shave on him!!

Hope you’re all doing well!!! Let me know if you know how to train separation anxiety when it comes to more than a day of separation. If that’s what this is??


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So nice to see you again! I hope you're having a wonderful time in Greece despite these stresses. I know it's so hard to leave our dogs behind. There's no perfect way to do it either. It's always going to take some adjustment for both of you.

I'd look at the situation like I would a rescue dog:

"It’s called the 3-3-3 Adjustment Period. It takes roughly three days for a new dog to simply get over the shock of moving homes. It takes about three weeks for a new dog to get used to his new home, all of the people in his life, and his new routine, rules, and boundaries. Finally, it takes somewhere around three months for a dog to fully and truly settle into his new life."

Losing his human is a big deal to Norman. And I actually think yours is the best case scenario! He's comfortable with your family. They're already part of his daily routine. You've taught him to self-soothe with Kongs. He's in a familiar place.

But yes, his "sun" is missing. So his orbit's going to be a bit wonky at first.
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