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Tear staining is a tough problem to get on top of. The staining is caused by red yeast growing in the wet areas around the eye. To deal with this problem, you have to either stop the tearing or stop the production of red yeast.

Typically, tearing happens because of:

1. Allergies... food or environmental
2. Teething in young dogs.
3. Round shape of eye that does not move liquid adequately to ducts
4 Clogged or small ducts.

Not much you can do about eye shape (this is why I think so many Minis and Toys tear). Ducts can be checked by an Ophthalmologist. Allergies can be addressed by changing food. Environmental allergies are a pain and may be seasonal.

To inhibit the growth of red yeast, people typically give Tylan which is available via a livestock supply company. This is very effective, but it does mean giving your dog a low level does of antibiotic.

I have never seen any topical product that worked well. I would think that any topical product that promised to remove staining would need to carry some sort of bleaching agent.
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