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How soon is too soon to suggest another Poodle once our beloved Poodle is gone?

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My parents had two black standard Poodles, both of which were wonderful and pure joy. Sadly, both are now gone (with the second one, who was absolutely perfect in every respect, passing earlier this week).

Nobody can ever replace them, and we are all devastated.

I see a black standard Poodle up for adoption at a local rescue shelter. My parents have stated that one reason why they're so upset is that there is a huge void in their lives now.

Is it too soon to send the link to the rescue shelter (featuring the beautiful Poodle) to them? If it's appropriate to send it to them, how would you do it?

Thank you!
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IMO it's too soon to do anything more than ask them what they want to do if they mention the void, being lonely, missing having a dog, etc. "I'm sorry you feel that, i miss them too, what do you want to do? Are you thinking of getting another dog? What can i do to help?"

They need to come to the decision that they want another dog themselves, not have it sprung on them (even if done with good will). It's one thing to ask if they're thinking of another dog, another thing to show them pictures of dogs ready to be adopted and strongly hint they should consider it. If they don't come up with "gee, maybe another dog is a good idea" then it's not really them thinking it, is it?

If it's their decision, then by all means help them get things in motion. Have they mentioned previously that they would be interested in another dog? Or that they would get another Poodle? Or have they not, maybe they talked about doing something else that they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't do because they had a dog to think about? It's possible to miss a dog without missing having a dog, you know?
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