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How soon is too soon to suggest another Poodle once our beloved Poodle is gone?

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My parents had two black standard Poodles, both of which were wonderful and pure joy. Sadly, both are now gone (with the second one, who was absolutely perfect in every respect, passing earlier this week).

Nobody can ever replace them, and we are all devastated.

I see a black standard Poodle up for adoption at a local rescue shelter. My parents have stated that one reason why they're so upset is that there is a huge void in their lives now.

Is it too soon to send the link to the rescue shelter (featuring the beautiful Poodle) to them? If it's appropriate to send it to them, how would you do it?

Thank you!
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Each person grieves differently. Some can't imagine life without a dog in it, and want a successor to their late dog as soon as possible. Other people need years before they can even think about looking for a successor.
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