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I would treat this as two separate questions:
1) When should I start encouraging my grieving parents to look for a new dog?
2) Is applying for a rescue poodle the right choice for my parents?

The answer to the first question varies. I tend to jump right in and get a new pet after the previous one passes on. However, some people need to take more time to mourn. Honestly, even for me I probably jumped a little too soon when I got puppy Galen after my boy Snarky died. Galen was difficult to housebreak and had a lot of drive. My mix of grief for Snarky and frustration at Galen being a difficult puppy sometimes combined to make me very angry at Galen for not being Snarky. I took my responsibility to rear Galen properly very seriously and fought hard to keep my conflicted feelings from affecting him, but I would say there were definitely some periods of buyer's remorse.

Regarding the second question, poodles are highly adoptable. They tend not to stick around in rescue very long; they may even be gone before you submit the application. So, are you prepared to be disappointed if the application is rejected? Additionally, good poodle breeders work hard to keep their dogs out of rescue. When a poodle ends up in rescue, it's worth asking what the dog's background is.
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