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How short do nails need to be?

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Jasper's breeder had them so short there was almost nothing there. I only did his nails once a week and to the quick but they grew out longer than they were when he came. I was wondering what a good compromise would be.
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I think it depends kind of on the dog, Jazz's almost always click -drives me crazy when I take her on walks. Hers were only done a couple of times a year before I got her so they were uber long and I've shortened them considerably. Work in progress though I suppose. Mostly I think they need to be short enough so that the dog isn't putting alot of pressure on them when they stand or walk so they don't put pressure on the toes and feet. Nails that are to long like that cause problems later in life like arthrits - or so the vet says :) I've actualy never done any research to that effect, just took their word for it 'cause it made sense to me lol.
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