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Is there somewhere to find this information, or do you just eyeball it (or wait for the vet to tell you...).

We have a female toy poodle puppy who is 5½ months old. We also have a long-legged male toy (maybe a miniature?) who is a few years old. They both now weigh 7 lbs 11 oz. He has a very lean build and she's more like a solid little tank.

I don't think she's "overweight" and she looks fantastic to me - but with them now weighing the same, I'm left wondering...

She is shorter than he is, and not as long yet either (and I don't actually expect her to be as tall or long as he is - going by the size of her parents). Just "rounder". :marchmellow: (could that be a male/female thing? The female poodle I had growing up was also a lot rounder than our male, who was super skinny...)

She is fed 3 times a day, maybe 1/4 c or less each time (and what she sneaks out of Monkey's bowl if we leave it sitting out) - so that doesn't seem excessive. :dont-know:
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