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how much groming does this require

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Ok, newbie to spoo's here. I've been researching for a long time looking for the kind of dog we would like to adopt and have become in love with the standard poodle breed.

I keep reading on different sites conflicting info on how much upkeep a poodle's coat requires. I'm guessing this is because the amount of different styles? If you want the hair to pe poof like a cotton ball or to stay looking curly?

This is how I would like to keep my spoo hair (if I am lucky enough to get one!!)

Can you guys help me out and let me know what sort of maintenance this would require? Daily brushing? weekly washing? monthly cutting??? Do you have to brush them daily if you don't want their hair to do the poof? Or is it just a different type of brush you use??

Thanks so much! I really want to learn all this prior to making the decision of what type of breed we want to go with! After all we'll be together for years to come :)
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