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I use a combo of clicker/treat training (or toy, sometimes Flip is more play motivated) but I will use correction, like a collar pop or a sharp word. I've worked with Bark Busters quite a bit with my old greyhound and my cavalier, so I picked up a lot of tips from them. I really train each animal differently, depending on the personality. I used those little bags with coins in them to reinforce negativity (I threw them at the ground, not the dogs) for things like barking, pulling the lead, etc. for Flip. I think my cavalier would probably have a heart attack if I did that to him. He takes the word 'no' personally, like his world is crumbling down around him when he makes a mistake. Hehe.
Flip didn't take verbal correction or clapping very seriously. The spray bottle (who someone recommended here) and the coin bags worked for him.

My old horse was great with the clicker, he thought it was a fun game. I taught him to bow, to count, to 'shake hands' and to shake his head yes or no when asked a question. He had a subtle hand signal for no, otherwise the answer to everything was 'Yes!' He'd also watch my facial expression and stop counting, i.e. pawing the ground, when I gave him another subtle cue.
He would lay down if you touched his withers in a certain way as well. He was a smart cookie, but most arabians are. :love: Gosh I miss him. I also taught my mom's horse not to rear up when there was a rider on him by bursting a warm water balloon over his head (when he did it). Apparently the warm water startles them, and they think they injured themselves? I don't know exactly how it worked, it was an old 'cowboy trick'...but it worked. He stopped rearing.

My african grey likes the clicker, but she's gotten to the point where she mimics the clicking noise when I do something SHE likes. For example I'll feed her something special that I know she loves, and she'll click and say "Good Girl!" to me. :rolffleyes: Sometimes I wonder who is training who with her.
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