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Finnigan was the largest in his litter, by far. He was a pound and a half heavier than all of his siblings at not quite 10 weeks, and a full head larger (his siblings were the size of his body minus his head, and several inches shorter.)

His breeders told me he would be at least 15 pounds full grown, but they weren't 100% sure. On the plus side, he's a "gentle giant" as he was the most gentle and laid back of the litter (why we chose him.)

How do you tell how large a poodle (toy, mini, standard) will be? What scale if any is used?

Once he is adjusted and everything is settled in, we may entertain the idea of a second, either another very large mini or a small standard male, so I'd like to know how their sizing works as well.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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