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How do I get her hair fluffy!?

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When I pick my standard, Riley, up from the groomer her hair is so fluffy. However, when I bathe and blow dry her in between groomings she never turns out quite so fluffy. I sometimes get a little fluff, but I never quite get the same results.:eek:hwell:

Is it something groomers put on her hair, a special brush, a certain blow dryer?

Groomers, what are your secrets?
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I just use a regular hair dryer on my girl, she has about a minimum of about 1 inch on her, with more on legs/head/neck etc.
I just make sure it's not to hot, I move it around a bit, and brush with a slicker as it is drying. If she is naturally drying, I re-wet those areas, and dry brush them. I usually start on back area, move up to head and ears, down chest, tummy area/lower chest, then legs and tail somewhere at the start area.
I have no idea if this is done correctly lol, but is gets her fluffy and clean, not quite as good as Flyingduster's grooming lol (she's the pro-groomer of Saffy)
But it works in between!
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