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Everytime I come home, I ignore Gracie. When I first started this I ignored her for 5 minutes (I timed it each time). If she jumped on me, I made no eye contact, did not speak to her or touch her in any way. I went about my business of taking my coat off, putting groceries away etc. After the 5 minutes was up. I called her to me, gave her a treat and praise and pet, but not too excited really low key.

It did not take her long...when I come home now, she greets me at the door with out jumping and going crazy. I still ignore her, but not nearly as long now. Just about a minute or so. Again, I call her to me, give her a treat and lots of praise and greetings.

Usually, after she greets me at the door, she goes about her business....laying down, watching the birds etc. Until I call her to me. I was so amazed at how this worked. Hope it helps! You HAVE to be consistent.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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