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How did you come up with your kennel name?

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I've always wondered how breeders came up with their kennel names, and how long it took for them to think of them. There's some really classy kennel names out there!
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Desert Reef... I've had people contact me asking what in the world?! They think of ocean reefs... but the desert has them too.
Our area is beautiful... huge red rocks, some call us 'the second Sedona'.

When we first moved to Southern Utah we were concentrating on finding a home in an area called Silver Reef, as it had land/space that we were used to. It just never worked out... but I went ahead and registered my keeper pup with that name before realizing we were not going to live there afterall. That was a bummer, but I'm really happy with the home we found in town so won't complain.

Pretty dull... lol!
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