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How did you come up with your kennel name?

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I've always wondered how breeders came up with their kennel names, and how long it took for them to think of them. There's some really classy kennel names out there!
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I don't have a kennel name, but my bosses one is Camar, and at the time she still had Caviliers [which she doesn't any more] as well as her AMerican cockers, her name is Ailsa, hubbys name is Robin = Camar :)

I have thought about what I'd do for a kennel name. I really don't quite know! I am sometimes tempted to just carry on with the flyingduster thing, but it has no reference to anything really, let alone dogs! I've also thought of Cafram, cos it's a mix of my maiden name initials, and hubbys initials... We'll see, I don't intend to seriously look at that for a loooong while yet!
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