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How did you come up with your kennel name?

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I've always wondered how breeders came up with their kennel names, and how long it took for them to think of them. There's some really classy kennel names out there!
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I think if I ever had a kennel name it would be Saffron (name of current dog), but then I don't like it as a kennel name, the only thing I do like about it is I called call a dog "Saffron's Spice of Life" and there's no point having a kennel name just to make one name sound good lol
And that didn't really make any sense

I know the breeder of my Dobermann, her foundation Bitch was called "Tess", so she called her kennel "Tessanova"
I quite like having the kennel named after your first dog

Now, just thinking, I quite like the idea of Maestro as my kennel names, means Master lol

Master Poodles!
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