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How did you come up with your kennel name?

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I've always wondered how breeders came up with their kennel names, and how long it took for them to think of them. There's some really classy kennel names out there!
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we had boat name Simba DelMar. DelMar is loosely by the sea or of the sea, simba is a lion. Anyway we live on the gulf cost of Fla so thats where my mother got DelMar as her kennel name.
I used to play this online dog show game (yup nerd) and your user name was your kennel name. I couldn't think of one and was jealous of another member who's was Histyle, which I thought was GREAT. All of a sudden out of thin air BlackTie came to me and it just stuck around, so when I begin breeding litters independently of my mother they were registered under Blacktie. Though should I decide to breed poodles in the future I will have to change it. Probably to Wonderpup (?) and abbrev. it WP since the two words are kind long put together. Good thing I don't have plans to get toooo involved in the spoodle world since looking at that written down now I don't like it LoL.
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