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Since people are bringing this thread back to life I will say that I have a standard poodle for a service dog. He has saved my life. The reason I chose a standard poodle was that I needed a dog large enough to help me get up if I fell, and because of allergies.. The only time I have a problem with him with allergies is if he has been playing with other non-poodle dogs, or visiting a home of another dog, then I need to bathe him.

He is a wonderful service dog for me, an awesome retriever of things I can't find, or get down to pick up. After a couple of years he started teaching himself to do things to help me! One time I was leaving a Doctors office and he refused to come with me, highly unusual. I went to see what he was looking at and I had dropped my gloves in a crack behind the chair! Good thing, it was the last appointment of the day, the office was closing and it was winter.

I have a strange condition that causes me to pass out with no warning and he jumps on my chest to bring me to, and then brings me my phone. His absolute favorite thing to do is take the laundry and put it in the basket in the laundry room. He turns on lights, and many other things I can't even think of all of them now.

I spent 9 months though looking for him. Just because a dog is a poodle does not mean he will be a good service dog! I checked health back 3 generations, temperament tests for him, temperament of the parents and grandparents, what other dogs in his lineage had been able to do in shows, sports, obedience, etc, etc. So many poodles flunked. I have seen some of them as adults and am so grateful I did not take them as puppies.

I have been so spoiled by him I would do the same again. Of course I spoil him too! And both he and I have had tons of training.
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