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How about some new puppy tips and secrets?

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Anyone have anything that they felt it was just revolutionary when they did it/tried it with their new/growing up puppy?

We've had an unexpected change in 'situation at home,' since getting the puppy (I know, it's only been a month!). Dh was working at home so we felt it was the right time to get a pup. Well, surprise, that is going to change. The kids and I are rarely home during the school year days so we need to get this routine thing figured out quickly!

I heard something today I cannot wait to try - freeze kibble in yogurt in a kong to keep her busy! I can't wait to try that as the biscuits we have keep her busy for a while (until she stole the entire bag off the counter yesterday during a trial run of her being alone in the kitchen instead of her puppy pen), but eventually it breaks off and she cannot get the rest out.

How about some separation anxiety tips? I am thinking if whenever we leave she gets a 'treat' she may start to like is leaving? Currently she yaps her little head off for several minutes (Dh, out in his office unknowing to her has listened before). Then when she hears the alarm beep she's already learned we are back home (smart cookie!) and starts to bark her head off again to welcome us.
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I haven't tried these tips since we don't have our dog yet, but they were aired on Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog". Maybe they'll help you

Pretend like you are leaving, get your shoes on, grab the keys and your purse, put the dog away if you do that...but don't leave. This will get them in the habit of not associating those actions with you leaving.

They also suggested hiding treats in a kong. They used peanut butter though. Or there was a slide puzzle like toy to hide treats in. The neatest one was this time release toy that you can program to drop a new toy at certain times of the day. Not sure how much that one costs though!

When you get home or during lunch take them for a long walk to get rid of all that pent up energy.

Good luck! Let me know if they really work. :)

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Dlearyous suggested something really good for separation anxiety! I think that's an excellent thing to do so the dog doesn't associate your normal routine when your about to go, as you leaving.

Another thing I've seen that Victoria Stilwell has done is going out the door and closing it behind you for a few seconds, then going back in. Keep repeating until the dog understands that when you leave, you come back.

Peanut butter in a kong, sliding puzzles, spinning puzzles, peg puzzles, and all those puzzles can keep her mentally stimulated and occupied. If your dog is really motivated by treats then those are best. Make sure you don't leave too many toys with her, leave like 3 out for her, then after a week or so take the toys out and put 3 new toys, and sort of switch them out every once in a while because she will get bored of them.

Hope everything works out for you.
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