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You have to look at it this way....

Good house training habits are a gift you give yourself that you will be enjoying for the next 12 yrs. It is worth all the work in the beginning.

I never, never, never use piddle pads. I think they confuse the issue and they keep the puppy from learning bladder control.

People who live in cold climates need to seriously consider the downside of getting a puppy in the middle of winter. It will be hard on both you and the puppy. If you can, wait and get a puppy late spring through the fall.

First thing out of the crate, you will need to carry your puppy downstairs. Don't expect the puppy to walk because it will get three feet out into the hallway and squat. If there is snow, you are going to need to carry a shovel to clear a potty path for the puppy since it is too much to ask a Mini poodle to stand in 6" of snow and go to the bathroom. (Hey! I live in Colorado.... I know all about shoveling a potty path!)

You should get an X Pen and use it to create a small space for your puppy. When you are not directly interacting with the puppy, you can either put the puppy in the X Pen or in his crate. As he gets bigger and he can hold it longer, you can use the X Pen to cordon off parts of the Condo and slowly, slowly let him have access to the whole home. In the beginning, KEEP HIM OFF OF ANY CARPETED SPACES! You are just asking for trouble.

On the up side, I think apartment and condo dogs have much better house training over all than dog who live in homes where they are just kicked out in the yard. My Sabrina was raised in a house that did not have a fenced yard so she had to be taken out on a leash every time she pottied. She learned to eliminate on command which is the greatest thing ever for dog shows and road trips.
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