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I live in an apt and house trained my bf pit bull, enzo, my friends, toy poodle , and french bulldog lol

First I use crates and this is the most helpfully tool. Pups /dogs stay in crate at night. I feed my dogs on a schedule also no food laying around all day.

First thing in the am i take puppy or dog out. ( with enzo we pad trained him until he got all of his shots) I never put pads in crate because the dog needs to learn his or her crate is a den not a place to go to the bathroom. I would lay crate with newspaper instead if we had to leave pup in crate during the day. when they go to the bathroom I praise them so much ! lol

I just keep doing this until i know the dog gets it. When they make accidents in the house I correct them. Most smart breeds get it pretty fast. Jasmine my bf's pit bull came from the shelter and she was pretty much house trained in 2 weeks
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