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Holistic Vet and Raw Diet

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Max and I just got back from a visit with a holistic vet who endorses a raw diet and practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (as well as Western). Today we will start giving Max raw food. I can't wait to see if his teeth improve. The vet wasn't sure because he suspects that Max's teeth didn't form properly for some reason and are lacking enough enamel. Still, he said it should help.
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maybe he has Denten Imperfecten - humans get that.
Can I ask what city, state the vet is located in? I am sure its too far from me...but I would love to know anyhow!

I have been adding cooked chicken and raw greens and veggies to my dogs diet for almost 6 months now and the change in their coat, health, and even toilet habits is amazing! We stopped using dry food with any corn or soy products in it over 1 yr ago and that alone made an amazing difference!

Good Luck, I am sure your boy will take to it with no problems! You should take a picture of him now, then again in the same lighting and position in a few months so you can SEE the difference!

I wish I had...I do have some before and after shots of Piggy. We took her in a few months after when I started feeding the semi raw diet and her coat and skin looks 100% better. She used to get sick multiple times a day from being fed poorly for 4 yrs, now its been months since she has gotten sick.

I am glad you found such a great vet, my vet is very affordable but I wish he were a bit more opened minded...or at least a bit more up and up on current medicines and NEW things. You are so lucky!
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Kudos to you for being able to find a vet like that. I have given up hoping for one to move into my area. I'm glad my current vet is reasonably open minded.

Good luck on the raw transition. I've done it several times with various dogs. We travel so much though that it made keeping the food fresh difficult. For now we are back to kibbles, but they are good kibbles :) The best we can find - at the moment.
Our vet is in Beaver, PA. It's near Pittsburgh. The cost was a lot higher but I feel I got my money's worth. He spent a lot of time with us and seems to really care about Max. They did thorough research on his medical history and had me fill out a multi page questionnaire. I need to find a doc like this for myself!

I have never heard of Denten Imperfecten and can find nothing on Google. Is there possibly another name?
We did raw for a few days. Max seemed to start to like it but did get some diarrhea. Also, I ran into the problem as to how to chop up a turkey back. I need to invest in a meat cleaver I guess. I'm letting his system settle a bit and will ease back into some raw stuff. It is a challenge to watch him the whole time. I'm wary of letting him eat the bones without supervision.
congrats on finding this vet, and switching to raw.
Just go easy :) try to stay with one source of meat for some time - let your poodle to get used to it. turkey back is a bit too big and hard for the beginners, I'd say. Chicken necks are great (the whole neck, no need to chop).
I used to hold pieces of meat (especially with bones: neck and backs) in my hand to "teach" my guys to chew, and not gulp it all at once. They do learn to chew :)
to manage diarrhea, give some canned pumpkin (make sure it is pure pumpkin, and not pie filling).
I went the diarrhea way with one of my poodles. It is a part of switching for some dogs - detox.

Good luck. You are doing so good for your Poodle.
Thanks. I'll try sticking with one meat. As for the pumpkin, I've heard that works for most dogs. I gave Max some when he was not sick and he had the worst diarrhea ever! Could have been coincidence, or that for some reason it doesn't agree with him. Weird. He's not terribly sensitive but that time was bad!!!
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