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Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forum and to toy poodles. I've decided, after much thought and research, to get a toy poodle! I found the little guy I'm getting. He's about 4 weeks old right now and will be ready to come home with me March 20th.

I've visited him and his 4 brothers 2 times, hopefully a few more before the big homecoming. I met the mother and father, as well as the 5 other poodles living in the house in every range of size and color.

I'm wondering if there is a way to predict the pup's size. Momma was around 6lbs, close to 7(full of milk) and pops was 4lbs. Also...should i expect his color to fade a little?

Any and all puppy tips are welcomed and appreciated! Nice to meet you all!
Krista ♥


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Awww...cute picture. Best way for toys that I have heard is to take their 12 week weight and double it...that is a good estimate of adult weight. I would guess from the parents weight that anything from 3-7 lbs could happen...just have to see what you baby does!

Welcome and can't wait to see his home-coming pictures!
Congratulations on your new baby! Very cute! I'm of no help on the size. We have a standard poodle who just turned one yesterday. Her parents are both champions and weigh 65lbs each. My poodle only weighs 37 lbs.:noidea:
We also have a yorkie that was suppose to be 5 to 6lbs and she weighs in at 14lbs. So you really never know what size they will be - it's all in the genes. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new baby.
Welcome to the forum.
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sooo cute! can't wait to see him whenyou get him welcome!
Congrats on your beautiful little boy. Im not sure on the fading question though. He looks like a rich apricot to me but he can lighten or even darken. What color are his parents?
Thank you! His parents were a nice medium to dark apricot, and both very sweet dogs. He came from a litter of five boys, he was by far the darkest. There was one that was cream, 3 apricots, and my little guy. I'm so excited to bring him home! :biggrin1:
:welcome: Krista! Your little guy is just adorable. Does he have a name yet? I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of him growing up, too.
His name is going to be Dexter! :elefant:
Too adorable Krista. Look foward to watching him grown.
Dexter is a great name! Looking forward to lots more pictures of him.
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