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Higher the protein better or worse?

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I’m looking to switch my pup from royal canin to Orijen, but noticed orijen is about 38% protein. Normally I would think that’s a good thing but being a standard and wanting him to grow slower...would that mean get less a kibble with less protein or do other factors come into play?
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I wouldn’t worry about the high protein content. In my opinion, that’s a good thing...

As long as you’re paying attention to the calories in each serving, you shouldn’t have an issue with him growing too fast. He may not feel as full if it ends up being a smaller serving size, but he’ll be getting all that he needs.
My parent's vet recommends and sells Orijen, and prefers dogs be fed higher protein, higher meat ingredient foods. Origin does have a large breed puppy formula, which is what I would personally prefer for a spoo puppy (Annie was on Acana Large breed puppy for a while, but couldn't handle the chicken).
It depends on the dog's age, activity level, and health. Puppy formulae usually have higher protein to support growth needs. Some active dogs also benefit from more protein to help them build muscles. A dog which doesn't need the protein will simply metabolize it down. However, this metabolism results in waste products that need to be filtered out by the kidneys. Normal healthy dogs can handle normal protein loads just fine. Too much protein, or other metabolic issues, could set the dog up for bladder stones or other health issues. Poodles are less prone to these issues than, say, Dalmatians, but it's good to be aware of the possibilities.
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I fed Peggy a large breed puppy formula to be safe.
My dogs’ poops were much too firm on a really high protein diet. Almost chalky in texture. Of course, I own smaller dogs, so that might be different for a Spoo.
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