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Hi i'm a newbie, kind of looking for some advice. I finally broke down after about three years and am getting a stpoo puppy. And after waiting most of the summer I pick her up in a week! I'm very excited! But although i've been doing alot of reading i really have not gotten to talk to anyone who has been associated with the breed for any length of time. Can anyone give me a bit more insight? I'm not a newbie to dogs, i have a 3 year old border collie mix that has his CGC and his Delta Cert and we dabble in agility, this is kind of what i want to do with Zulu (thats her name) but to a greater extent, i've learned alot from Mighite! If any one has any suggestions, pointers, dos/don'ts etc. they would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Welcome to this forum Raena, I'm sure you will enjoy it here. There are others on here that are doing the same type of things with their dogs that you are doing with yours and I know that they will have plenty of pointers for you. Nice to have you on board. Please post some pics when you can, we all love them.
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