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Hi, I'm new here. We live in a suburb north of Atlanta.

Got my first poodle, Leon (pic below), in March. He's a 4 month old male black mini who is the love of my life!

The pic is a little old because he's had his first big boy haircut on Sat and looks totally different. I had him Lamb cut and left a donut mustache. Oh gosh he's so cute now!!

I am going to take the plunge tomorrow and get another baby--a sister for Leon--an 8 week old apricot mini female. I think we are going to call her Peggy Sue. She's the one on the right.

Any tips for dealing with two babies is appreciated. Should I crate them separately during the day? Will the new puppy cause Leon to revert on his housetraining? He's 99.9% there.

Thanks! Glad to meet ya'll.


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Well, we didnt get the little apricot female, we ended up with a chocolate male from the same breeder as Leon. He's 10 weeks old and so far so good. He's got the most beautiful green/gold eyes. They're like human eyes. really beautiful.

I'll post pics as soon as possible. Thank you for all the help.
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